Dogs at Weddings – Yes or No?

You will want to have dogs at weddings if you have one of your own.  This blog will give you ideas for how your own fur baby can star at your wedding and be a special part of your big day.  As well, there will be top tips from two of Devon’s best dog chaperones. They will be telling us about how your dog can join in.  They will also be sharing their tops tips on what goes on behind the scenes to keep your precious cargo happy! There’s plenty of room for dogs at Higher Holcombe.  Even so, keeping your dog on a lead is a good idea.  It means that you fur baby will be safe and will be able to enjoy your wedding day as much as you!

Special Fur Baby Moments

How about this for a funny story about dogs at weddings.  It comes from Sarah – the lovely Wedding Day Dog Nanny.  It’s about Nico – whose special role was to be the ring bearer, with the rings attached to his harness.

Nico bolted down the aisle and sat waiting for the rings to be removed. So far, so good. He was rewarded with his favourite bone treat and then . . . he shot out the door!  It was as if he was saying ‘I’ve done my bit – I’m off!’ The guests absolutely adored it and of course, Sarah (below) was there to meet him. They went off to find a quiet spot where he could enjoy his treat before the photos!

Another funny story about dogs at weddings comes from Sue at Pad For Paws. Two labradors, Freddie and Rufus were in attendance at ‘their’ wedding.  The Registrar was at the point where any objections to the marriage could be raised . . . Freddie gave out the loudest howl that anyone could imagine!  This, of course, meant that there was much laughter as it seemed as of Freddie was objecting!

Special Roles for Dogs at Weddings

Here are a few ideas for your dog  to have a special role or part of your day. Everyone does their best to scrub up well for special occasions and so your wedding day should be one of those!  You may want your furry friend to wear a special wedding tuxedo, collar or even flower crown!  Why not!  The pictures would be adorable!

A very important job would be for your dog to be the ring bearer – like in the story about Nico. You must be the judge as to whether  your pooch is up for the job (or not)!  Another idea is for your dog to be part of the bride tribe – and to be part of the entourage that proceeds up the aisle! Make sure this his (or her) basket is in a good position or arrange for the chaperone to find a less buy place.  These ideas need to be decided with whoever looks after your dog for you.  It could even be another meber of the family.  One thing is for sure – including your dog in whicever way will make for very special wedding memories!

married couple on path with 2 dogs at weddings

Challenges With Pets at Weddings

There is so much going on at weddings so it is important that your dog feels confident and secure. It is possible that your dog has never been left with anyone apart from you before. If so, your fur baby may need extra time (maybe 20 – 30 minutes) to adjust.  They will need their favourite toys and treats to hand. Dog chaperones will tailor their care to suit your dog at your wedding.  It may be a case of going for extra long walks.  It may be a case of taking thigs slowly and keeping a watchful eye  while your bestie snoozes in his basket with a favourite blanket.

Looking After Dogs at Weddings

Looking after dogs at weddings will guaranteed by getting in the professionals such at Sarah or Sue.  You will know that your pooch is in the care of safe and loving hands. The basics like jabs, favourite foods etc will be covered in your ‘getting to know us’ chat.  Extras, like looking after your dog overnight is something that every couple will need to decide. Both Sarah, the Wedding Day Dog Nanny and Sue and Pete (below) from Pad For Paws will offer you the most wonderful options for looking after dogs at weddings.

dog chaperone Pete with groom toddler and 2 dogs at weddings

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Additional thanks to Linda and @emmabarrowphotography