Going to ‘fess up straight away because clearly, I am not an expert on safaris (though I have been on many) or honeymoons (just the one)(!) – so who better to check in with for this blog than the lovely soon-to-be-wed team from Amore Adventures UK.

Laura and Ryan are an adventurous travel-obsessed couple – so when they told me about their new online travel agency specialising in safaris AND honeymoons – I knew that they were the perfect pair to advise all you honeymoon-planning engaged couples looking for a (drum roll) ‘something- really special’ – a romance and adventure-packed safari honeymoon.

And the three reasons why you should book a safari honeymoon are simple:

  • Have a Romantic and Adventurous Start to Married Life
  • Create a Legacy for the Future
  • And if you’re also (and who isn’t?) thinking about Affordability – then let’s add that one in as well.

Your wedding is one of the most exciting and important days of your life. So, it is only right you have a honeymoon to create lasting memories of excitement and adventure together. What better way to celebrate your marriage than going on a romantic safari honeymoon! A fabulous safari is pretty much on everybody’s bucket list (or it should be!). For most, it’s a once in a lifetime trip and what makes it even more special is the fact that the majority of people don’t get the opportunity to go on one.

A Romantic and Adventurous Start to Married Life

What could be more adventurous than embarking on a night drive searching for an elusive leopard under a blanket of stars?  Or the romance of gently sipping your favourite tipple with the sun setting over the savannah plains of Africa with giraffe gently ambling past?

Imagine breakfasting with antelope, hippos and crocodiles as your audience? Or waking at dawn to witness a herd of buffalo ambling past your window or a herd of elephants on their way to the nearest watering hole.

There’s nothing quite like going on an early morning game drive – maybe seeing very little for a time – then suddenly, round the corner, driving right into a pride of majestic lions snoozing. Or stumbling on a herd of playful elephants teaching their babies how to wallow in the river mud.

Going on a safari is the perfect mix of romance and adventure at the same time.

Of course, you could spend your honeymoon lying on a pristine white sandy beach – if that’s your jam.  But really, where is the adventure or romance in that?  Going on a beach holiday is usually more accessible at any point of the year, so it doesn’t quite have the ‘once in a lifetime’ experience we feel that honeymoons should have. We hope you’ve been persuaded!

Create A Legacy For The Future

These days, the chance of seeing rhino, gorillas and elephants in the wild is dramatically decreasing.  Deforestation, wildlife trafficking and poaching are all factors that are contributing to species decline. There’s a big chance that when our children grow up – these animals may be gone forever, or at least have a very vulnerable small population in the wild.

Stories, photos and videos from an adventure-packed safari trip will be a priceless and amazing gift for future generations.

Can We Afford a Safari Honeymoon?

‘Going on a safari is far too expensive and out of my reach’, I hear you say! Well, in the modern world with many couples living together already, a traditional wedding registry of house gifts is no longer required. Instead, many couples ask for a contribution towards their honeymoon. So, this could be your best chance to go!

Want to hear more about Laura and Ryan’s Story? Read on!

A romantic sunset proposal high up in the Bolivian mountains led to them finding ‘the perfect venue for our outdoor wedding’ (their words) – Higher Holcombe (of course)! They love our ‘stunning ceremony areas’ and the fact that we really aligned with their ethos and vibe (Laura is an environmentalist).

But when they started their honeymoon search, struggled to find travel agents or anything online which specialised in ‘adventurous’ honeymoons. They saw a gap in the market and hence Amore Adventures UK was born. They are now an independent online travel agency specialising in safaris and honeymoons.

Ryan lived in Botswana for 3 years as a teenager and during that time went on at least 2 safaris a year. Growing up around the Okavango Delta and being surrounded by wildlife really helped him appreciate the culture and learn insiders’ knowledge. He’s also been on safaris in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Kenya. Laura has been on safari in Zambia and travelled to Madagascar. Ryan’s parents have been on safari in 10 African countries! So, it really does run in his blood!

If an adventurous (and romantic) honeymoon sounds right up your street, then contact them through website  and they will happily organise a trip of a lifetime for you.

And I would totally trust them to help you find the best possible romantic safari honeymoon for you!