Guest Interview with Fan  – A Devon Wedding Celebrant

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Do you want a truly unique and personal wedding ceremony? One that really tells the story of your love? One that explains the reasons that you are choosing to promise yourselves to each other? Then you might want to think about asking a wedding celebrant to help you write and organise your wedding ceremony. I was thrilled to meet Fan – a truly local wedding celebrant who lives just over the hill.  She bursts with personality, empathy and enthusiasm. Who better to be a guest on the Higher Holcombe blog? I was delighted that she agreed to answer the questions that I thought you might like to ask . . .

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What is a Wedding Celebrant?

A wedding celebrant is someone who creates and presents highly personalised wedding ceremonies. Although not legally binding, each ceremony concentrates on celebrating the couple’s love, relationship and story. Each one is tailor-made and unique – putting the couple at the heart of it.  A wedding celebrant is a kind of alternative to a vicar or a registrar.  Even so, in many ways, a wedding celebrant will play an even more significant role in a couple’s wedding journey.

What Kind of Ceremonies Can You Organise?

I think it’s important that couples who may once have married in a church (maybe because their parents did) have an alternative for themselves.  Maybe they think that church is not for them. They should also have an alternative to the generic ‘run of the mill’ civil ceremonies that are offered by the registration services.

My wedding celebrant style is basically traditional – as you might expect in a church (as I was married in one myself) but with a contemporary twist. The ceremonies I plan are modern, informal, fun and heartfelt. Most importantly, each one is completely individual. The ceremonies are filled with laughter, sometimes tears – and always authentic and true to each couple’s story.

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How Do You Work With Wedding Couples?

My relationship with each couple is at the core of my work. Putting their trust in me is a huge part of this. I am committed to them from the moment I am appointed to the moment I utter the immortal words: You may kiss the bride (or groom).

It is essential that the couple and I have a connection and rapport for this important life event. For that, it is essential that each couple feels comfortable with me – as they will be sharing personal elements of their lives with me. My aim is that they feel that I am more of a ‘friend’ and a reassuring presence rather than an unknown formal officient.

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After a good chat on the phone or face to face, we won’t meet again until about 4 months before their wedding day. In the meantime, I am available for any help or advice that they may need.  I will send a questionnaire to help me build up a picture – and although the 45 questions may seems daunting, all my couples end up really having fun with it.  How about:

  • If you could choose a song for me to listen to whilst preparing your ceremony, what would it be?
  • Finish this sentence: I love my partner because. . .

What happens next?

We will then meet again; and for me, this is the best part of the entire process. I’ll be looking for the couple’s interaction, the banter, the ways they look at each other and connect as they talk about themselves and their relationship.  Then I will write the ceremony; send them a draft; then I’ll tweak and adjust until everyone is 100% happy.

On the wedding day, I always arrive an hour or so beforehand.  After I present the ceremony, I’ll  be available for photographs if required.  Then I leave.  My job is done and the couple’s party can begin.

What Do You Enjoy About Your Work as a Wedding Celebrant?

This is easy! Meeting people and hearing their stories.

I didn’t know this about myself before I started this job – but I am intrinsically nosy!

What Have Couples Said About You?

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Couples have been very kind. I’ve been told that I’m fun, relaxed and put them at ease. Without exception, I have had a laugh with all of them – and so often I’ve been told that they’ve made a new friend – which is a massive compliment.

Thank you to Fan, from Fanfare Ceremonies for answering all my questions (and sending the images through).

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