Festival Style Wedding Ideas Start Here!

festival style wedding glamping tent

Are you looking for a few festival style wedding ideas? Well, I can guarantee that nabbing a few ideas here will be a lot easier than trying to gets tickets for Glastonbury! This blog is based on a festival wedding styled shoot at Higher Holcombe.  You can pick ‘n’ mix the ideas as much as you want because that’s what festivals are like! Here are the four key ingredients that I think make up a festival style wedding. I  call them the Four Cs, and you can mix and match for your own festival style inspired wedding:

  • Chilled out and relaxed styling
  • Creative elements that break the rules
  • Clashing pops of bright colours
  • Confident risk-taking

lace hoop festival style wedding stationery

Be brave! This way, you’re sure to have a truly unique day and have lots of fun while you style! This will probably be the biggest party that you ever plan! We want you to really enjoy playing with all the fun ideas out there and make the most of having a festival style wedding!

Festival Style Wedding Dress Ideas

There really are no rules about what a festival wedding style dress actually looks like. Most importantly, you want to be comfy and be ready to have fun at your festival style wedding. Look here! Doesn’t Lia look fab in this relaxed and floaty frock? Choose whatever dress floats your festival boat – be it in lace, cotton or silk! You might go for a jumpsuit, have a dress-up theme or even some sunny summer festival shorts! Why not? Festival weddings are all about celebrating uniqueness.  Team your easy-wear dress with pumps or even wellies. And when the sun slopes from the sky, kick off your festival flatties  and get ready to dance the night away! Yes. In bare feet!

festival style outside bride flower bouquet

Your other half will also look festival-ready with relaxed-style suits or trews.  Mix it up with colourful shirts and ties and perhaps a cheeky hat! Having a festival style theme can extend to your guests by inviting them to wear their most colourful clothes, craziest of shirts and maddest of hats! Right from the start, they’ll know that this is going to be super-cool and super-chilled.

Festival Wedding Style Decoration and Flower Ideas

Styling your festival wedding is all about over-the-top colour, pattern, pizzazz and fun! Be brave and believe that your eclectic vibes will work. The main thing is that you dont actually need to match or coordinate anything. Random really does look fab with even more randomness. Crazy colour bunting and a few festival flags will set the tone very nicely, thank you! Your flowers will be informal, possibly wild and popping with unexpected colours.

wedding couple festival style wedding table

If you’re like me and you don’t suit certain colours (I shy away from oranges, yellows and reds), you could limit your choice to two or three of your faves and include every possible tone and shade. Then add a loud and contrasting colour to add a dynamic and fun element to your decorations.  You know what I mean by ‘loud’, don’t you.  Yes!  The reds, yellows and oranges!  Don’t mind me! Go for it!

Festival Style Wedding Ceremony

groom with rings pom pom style backdrop

This festival style wedding shoot was all about bright pops of colour. This was suitably celebrated centre stage at an outside ceremony with a fabulous pom pom back drop that was hung in the silver birch ‘church’. Just like a festival style stained glass window – but fluffier!

ribbon bunting decoration silver birch church

What do you think of the fabulous multi-coloured ribbon bunting? It just shouts ‘JOY!’ Do you agree?  And what’s more, it’s super-easy to make as you can diy this idea with absolutely no sewing involved at all! How about that for some wedding prep crafting?  A soothing session of tying ribbons to some funky string for hanging along a woodland aisle? Yay! As well, scatter a few rugs down the aisle  – all different – (I may have hinted that for this, we like a bit of random) and that will match the look you’re after.  We didn’t include hay bales for this styled ceremony – but a rummage through the curtain section of a few charity shops will provide you with hay bale covers that bring lots of random colour as well.  Embrace random! That’s what festival styling is all about!

Festival Wedding Style Catering Ideas

Festival style wedding food is another element that lends itself to your party being less formal.  You’re unlikely to go down the ‘cookie cutter’ route of a sit down meal with a set menu.  What about picnics on rugs, custom-made pizzas (like we had on the day of the shoot) (and very yummy they were too) and someone tootling along with ice cream on the front of a bicycle for ‘afters’.

pizza cutting horse box pizza van

Perhaps you’d like to order in some street food specialists like a a delicious hog roast or a  BBQ.  This would be very practical for vegetarians and vegans as well (leaving out the meat – obs).  Have you tasted those delicious outdoor cooked paellas in the massive pans?  Your guests will love the freedom of movement (great for kids too) as they go up for second helpings! What about a fish ‘n’ chip van, a curry master or a horse box dispensing delcious pasties? Just pick some of your fesival food favourites and then book them in to rock up on the day!

Festival Wedding Cake Ideas

3 tier wedding cake bright colour edible flowers

We almost didn’t have a cake at our own wedding.  Can you believe it – wasn’t I a misery! In my defence, back in the day a wedding cake was all about rich fruit cake – which has never really been a fave of mine.  However, my future mother-in-law was keen to get involved, and so I agreed (very gracious of me!)  and so I asked for a tier of carrot cake and one of chocolate. It was quite a few decades ago  – and sadly, a bit too radical for Marjory! But it’s not like that these days!  Look at this glorious creation with the most beautiful of brightly coloured edible flowers. Who could resisit? Absolutely spot on for a festival style wedding.

festival style heart biscuits

I used to work in Devon’s bilingual teacher support team and Ramune, an ex colleaugue, has added a cake and biscuit biz to her repetoire. They are do delicious! Have you seen these amazing festival style iced bicuits? She made them specially for the shoot. You could have a whole ‘help yourself’ banquet of just the most colourful and fun cookies and cakes! Do you think that would be going a bit OTT? I don’t think so! More ribbon bunting here please and serve on more mismatched plates with even more funky colours and patterns!

Festival Wedding Activity Ideas

Can you really have a festival style wedding without activities and games? I don’t think so! Consider what you  see and do as you walk around an actual festival or one of those village fetes that we get during the summer.  A dress-up photo booth that’s stocked with boas, cloaks, bow ties and crazy specs and wigs will add so much fun to your wedding party festivities!

festival couple camper photo booth van

Games for children, the playful and the young at heart are also a great way to keep everyone happy while the photos are snapped and the curry is bubbling. Whether your music is piped or live – make sure that you have a playlist warbling happy music in the background. Even better – invite your guests to add their suggestions to the music that is played! You want everyone to dance, don’t you!

I really hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this blog with ideas for your own festival style wedding. Drop a note in the comments and tel me what else you’s like ideas on. Ideas is what we have plenty of at Higher Holcombe!  If you liked this blog, you might want to have a look at this with a few top tips on how to plan a weekend wedding – which is the sort of wedding that we love at Higher Holcombe.

Festival wedding Suppliers

Thank you so much to the fabulous people who came together for this fun-filled festival style shoot. I hope that you’ve been inspired by their wonderful work and like the ideas that they have brought. I’m looking forward to hearing how you plan to rock things up at your own festival style wedding.

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