It’s National Wedding Planning Day!

It’s The 1st of March – and for the past five years, this has been known as National Wedding Planning Day!  I know – I didn’t even know that it was ‘a thing’ either! It probably started in America.  About 40% of engagements take place between Christmas and Valentine’s Day. So by the end of February, the engagement toasts and announcements have been made.  And now – it’s time to find out how to plan a wedding!  Your wedding!

Where on earth do you begin?

a child facing away from camera is looking at a wedding table plan and a festival wedding t shirt is displayed with the names of musicians

I want you to meet Phoebe and Natalie, two wedding planning queens. Between them, they will be able to explain what a wedding planner can do for you and why asking one of them to come on board may be the best thing that you have ever done!

How Long Does Wedding Planning Take?

Wedding planning is a tad more than coming up with a colour scheme and a wedding table plan.  It is likely to take between 250 – 300 hours. Even if your wedding plans are super simple – time and energy will soon be swallowed up.  Sorting a new frock, getting the necessary legals ticked and sorting a bottle of fizz for just the two of you is about as super simple as it could possibly be.  Add a few guests, finding a venue, working out how much to spend on flowers, sausage sandwiches and confetti petals. . .it all gets a bit more complex.

banquet style wedding tables with rustic tables and wooden chairs. Tables set with gold chargers and gold cutlery and candlesticks white candles and green linen napkins. background is glazed windows and a pillar decoration with flowers on top

Working with a wedding planner can mean all kinds of extras being thrown into the mix.  Read on to find out more!

What Can A Wedding Planner Do?

You might want some inspo from a planner to help you style your wedding.  Having a Pinterest board is a great way to start (but you knew that already, right)? Then matching your aspirations to your  budget is quite another thing.  Believe me, I really want you to stick to your budget! Working out how to split your wedding pennies between booking a venue, choosing your menu, working with a florist or even finding great suppliers is right up there! A wedding planner will sort you right out!

two men and two women sitting on grass with foreground showing wild flower daisies

After getting to know you both, understanding your wedding vision and being realisitc with your actual spendable budget – a wedding planner can also pull together a great team of expert suppliers that will bring all your wonderful ideas together.  They will even visit a short list of venues with you. No more than three or four is the recommendation.  You don’t want a case of venue overwhelm.  I have heard that they will also help you taste the cakes.  I think they call that a bonus!

Most of all, a wedding planning expert will d e d i c a t e time (on your behalf) to helping you sort out all the details. They will even be there for you on the day if that is what you want!

Is Wedding Planning Only For DIY Weddings?

female wedding planner dressed in black arranges napkin on a plate for a wedding meal in the foreground are flower arrangements candlesticks glasses and table settings on rustic trestle tables The back ground shows a window with a rural view with three rustic glass pillars decorations

Even if you choose  a ‘cookie cutter’ venue (Higher Holcombe is not one of those, by the way), you may want to work with a planner.  Perhaps it is because you just don’t have the time.  Maybe you have other strengths but not the creative confidence for the wow factor you want. A planner will help you set a budget.  They will also have an arsenal of fabulous suppliers to connect you with.  They will even book them for you and work out your timeline for the big day.

Really – they will do as much, or as little as you need.  These people are flexible (they have to do a bendy test before they can call themselves a planner).  Okay – I made that bit up (about the test)!

Where to Look For Help With Wedding Planning?

There are, of course, wedding planning platforms like Hitched who have great tips

To find out more about how these two amazing wedding planning stars can help you – check them out here!

Phoebe and Natalie