Why do we feel awkward talking about a wedding budget?

Money can be a tricky thing, don’t you think – especially when what you are really doing is planning a totally dreamy wedding day party!  There are so many elements that you want to include – it is one of the biggest events that you’ll ever plan. . . .So should money even be an issue? First tip: money counts!  You can’t get away from it.  Spending money that you don’t have is just not cool. Please take the time to agree with each other about what you really (really) want and which bits are less important. That way, you have both agreed about what’s important and why. That’s a budget box that you can tick right now.


Also, please remember that a wedding is only actually one day (or weekend, or whatever).  I know – it’s a really important occassion – it will probably be the biggest party that you ever host!  But does that mean that you should let all your (perhaps expensive) ideas run away from you? The really BIG thing is to remember that you also need to be planning your life together (you know: home, work, babies, holidays, projects, adventures). I think that was tip two! Even so, you want your party to be a great start to a wonderful marriage. Of course you do!  And at the end of the day, it will need to be paid for.  Get your number ducks (so to speak) in a row!  How much do you want to spend?  How much can you realistically spend?  Are any rellies going to help you, or are you going it alone?  Dig out all those pots of dosh . . . Sort out the total sum that you want to spend. Does that help you to relax?  I hope so!

What is a wedding budget for?

There are quite a few things that your wedding budget needs to do, so splitting it up into section for different parts of your celebrations is a great way to start.  As a general rule of thumb, your venue, party food and drink will be eat into (sorry) (!) half of what you want to spend.  So if your total budget is £20,000, then roughly £10,000 will go on those three things.  They really will anchor you. The other half will need to cover everything else – including frocks, flowers, suits, ties, stationery, transport and jewellery. There are lots of ways that you can save a few pounds here and there.  The twenties turn into hundreds and they can turn into thousands – so please count them all!

thinking about wedding budget

Please stick to your budget! We don’t want things to end in tears!  It’s up to you both to decide on what’s really important (to either of you). Ballooning across the Channel to your honeymoon destination? ? Agree on your non-negotiables and write them down! And while we’re talking about negotiables. . .give it a try! You don’t want to haggle? What’s the worst that could happen? Someone might say ‘sorry, no can do’! You never know – they may say ‘yes’! You could save some pennies for the holiday pot!

Which reminds me – while you are getting your teeth into your wedding budget plans, I recommend that you also have something else that you want to plan for! Something else (that isn’t your wedding) bubbling away on the back burner of your wedding budget hob (like another holiday)!