Why pick your own wedding flowers?

Picking your own wedding flowers (we love a bit of foraging) could be just the thing to do  – and here we’re going to talk about just five reasons why we think you should pick your own wedding flowers. Please add your reasons to the list!

  • bonding,
  • budgeting,
  • sustainability,
  • mindfulness and
  • creativity.

Bonding with your besties

Yes – spend an hour or two the day before your wedding (or maybe that morning) (depends how chilled you are) with your besties and go for a flower and foliage forage. Your wedding flowers will tell their own story – and picking them will be an especially happy activity to share and remember. You are welcombe to use the hedgreows, meadows and woodland here – but you may have other places to choose from as well. Whether it’s a spring-time daisy day or the time of year when the hedgerows are full of berries or seed heads, what really, could be nicer?  So, ladies (and gents) – grab your secateurs (or a pair of scissors, at a pinch) and go picking!

Sticking to your wedding budget

Really exuberant flower displays, bouquets, posies, crowns and buttonholes are just fabulous.  But there’s a lot of work involved in wedding floristry.  You need a lot of time as well as many boxes of blooms. . . and extravagant displays will soon eat into your budget.  You may decide to pay a professionel for some wedding flower displays – but if counting the pennies is something you do – then picking your own flowers will help keep the costs down.

Sustainability for carbon conscious wedding couples

It goes without saying that having seasonal flowers that are locally grown is the thing to do if you are a carbon-conscious couple. Picking wedding flowers from your garden or venue is the thing to do.  You can’t be more sustainable than that!  Want a happy compromise? Choose a florist that is supplied by a local grower. Try to avoid those exotic blooms.

Mindfulness while you pick your wedding flowers

I’m not sure how much more soothing an afternoon could be. . .Picking flowers.  Dreaming of your other half.  Thinking about the future. . . being married. . .it’s a new beginning. . . the future holds so much promise. Being outside, in nature, surrounded by beauty. Be mindful of it all.  Tomorrow you will be married!

Be creative with your wedding flowers

Use everything you’ve picked to create really personal wedding flower pieces. Your wedding bouquet, bridesmaid posies, flower crowns and perhaps buttonholes for the groomsmen.  Don’t restrict your wedding table decorations to jam jars (my personal fave). Think of wreaths and elegant vases; confetti petals and a scattering along the aisle; and don’t forget the tables and the window sills.

And why do we have flowers at weddings anyway?

Well – let’s face it – flowers at weddings look so pretty!  There’s not a place in the world that wouldn’t use flowers to decorate a wedding party space, adorn your dressing table or to tuck behind your ear or in your hair. Flowers are Mother Nature’s way to make the whole world pretty! And why else?  Well, there are other reasons that go back into the mists of time!  It’s all about fertility!  Yes!  Way back in the day – your guests would be wishing you well for a rich, abundant and fertile marriage!  Yep!  All about the babies! You’ve heard about the birds and the bees; well, think buttercups as well! And flower symbolism?  So many of our traditional wild flowers (and the less wild as well) come dripping with hidden meanings.  You’ve heard all about the hidden language of flowers?  Whole cultures of courting (and the Victorians come to mind) were based not only on the flowers, but their colours as well!  Roses?  Love, of course! Red for passion and yellow for jealousy.  Lavender?  For devotion! Rosemary is for fidelity and cornflowers were known as ‘batchelor’s button’.  I love it! Check out our ideas for a weekend wedding here. And look here to learn more about how to have a sustainable wedding.       [the_grid name=”Picking your own bouquet”]