Are you getting married here at Higher Holcombe? Are you thinking about how you are going to decorate the venue? Do you want to save time, effort, money and stress? Perhaps you’re planning to make a few tweaks so that your wedding creates less waste and is more sustainable?  If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these – then be sure to read on and please borrow any of the vintage wedding decor items that I’ll be showing here. Not all of them are vintage – but each is stylish in its own way! All you need to do is:

  • Choose the items you like.
  • Let me know (so I can get them ready).
  • Enjoy using them to decorate for your big day.
  • Take them down and hand them back before you leave.

Borrowing wedding décor props makes so much sense! As well, we expect to add to our collection as we go. Right now we offer you a selection of bunting, barrows, baskets, boxes, 2 rustic bars, a tandem bike (no brakes) (!), a couple of signage pallets, a ladder, a few macrame hangings and a selection of jam jars and vases.

Read on to get some more info about the whole collection in our prop box (actually one of the containers that we have parked behind the Old Dairy).

Raggle-Taggle Ribbon and Traditional Triangle Bunting

4 lengths of 10m each (total 40m)

Using ribbon in shades of green, terracotta and lots of white and lace – our daughter Rosie (married here in September 2022) made raggle-taggle ribbon bunting to hang from the beams in the Old Dairy.

4 lengths of 50m each (total 200m)

This cream and white coloured lace bunting was made with fabric from dresses that Rosie bought in charity shops. She repurposed it (it took months) to make this romantic triangular bunting for her outdoor ceremony in the silver birch church. Yes – it was a labour of love!

Trad-style Tanzanian Kitenge bunting was left to us by our friends Vicky and Aaron who were also married in the silver birch church in August 2022.  There’s enough here to decorate the aisles between the rows of trees or you could string it across the walkway to the willow cathedral. Other options might be to decorate the Old Dairy rustic barn or the stretch tent. It’s up to you really!

Our ‘Recycle My Wedding’ Decorated Tandem Bike

We sourced this ourselves because tandems say ‘two’ and recycled is good and it looks pretty! It is usually leaning up against the side of the Old Dairy – but here you can see it being used to prop up an ‘order of the day’ sign.

A Beer Barrow & Sign for Serve-Yourself Wedding Receptions

We bought this cool vintage wheelbarrow from a couple’s uncle and Rod made a ‘beer’ sign so that their guests were super-clear what was tucked up in the ice inside! You might want to use the barrow to cool fizz, cider or soft drinks instead.

Willow Baskets for Picnics, Confetti or Rustic Décor

There are quite a few of these for you to choose from if you want. You can use them to offer petal confetti; put them on a gift table for cards; display cheeses or crackers (or any kind of food); or perhaps stash them with some cosy blankets in case the evening gets chilly.  Or you might just want to make a random pile to decorate a spare corner in the barn or as part of a ceremony focal point.

Use Buckets for Petal Confetti

Ask your support squad to invite guests to grab a handful of petal confetti from these vintage-style enamel buckets and get ready to cascade you both! With these, there’s no need for cones or bags – so a lot less hassle in getting ready as well as no litter to pick up. Just tip your petal in and everyone will be good to go! A great win-win all round!

Vintage Coca-Cola and Apple Crate Boxes

We brought these wooden coke boxes back from Kenya – and that was decades ago! I am pretty sure that counts as having proper vintage wedding decor status! They look great when used for offering drinks cans, displaying your cake, elevating a cheese board or just adding a little bit of vintage personality!

Vintage Wedding Décor Drinks Bar and Upcycled Pallet Bar

This metal writing desk works hard as the official ‘signing table’ for your outside ceremony – but here, it’s been revamped and used as a woodland wedding drinks bar.  The circus-style BAR sign came from Rustic Love Hire (where you can hire the sign from) and I love it!

The green-painted and upcycled pallet bar usually lives near the wall on the terrace outside the Old Dairy. It is yours to use as a bar in its own right – or maybe as a place to offer mocktails or other refreshing hot drinks.

Mandala Seating Plan & Order of the Day Pallets

The gorgeous mandala pattern that has been stencilled onto this pallet and was donated by Lily and Ollie last year – and has already been used by quite a few couples.  You can see why, can’t you!

We also have a pallet that I’ve painted with blue chalkboard paint and am very happy to write up your ‘order of the day’ timeline. I use ordinary school-type white chalk and use my normal handwriting.  So please don’t expect any fancy calligraphy! I am very happy to hand the chalk over if you know someone who can!

Vases / Jam Jars / Jugs

Glitter Bar and Flower Crown Signs

If you’re planning a festival-style wedding or want to include some fun activities for your guests – you might want to borrow these signs – including the oval mirror so your guests can check how amazing they look!

Rustic Chalk-Painted Wooden Ladder

I have seen pics on Pinterest where planks are laid across the rungs of same-sized ladders and welcome drinks are deliciously arranged. I have always hankered after a pair but soz, folks.  We have only one (but it’s cute)!

It’s been used to hang up ‘just-in-case-it-rains’ brollies, coats, blankets and also to display photos. I wonder how you might use it.  Please note that this ladder is for decorative purposes only.  Please don’t use it to climb up anywhere.

Chai Walla Sign & Giant Teapot

We used to take this giant metal teapot on camping holidays! There’s plenty of room for lots of tea if you decide to use it as an actual teapot.  Rod and Rosie used it as a quirky prop – but it does pour tea! Oh – and Rod made the sign! A bit of fun if you are offering a tea and coffee station at some point.

And I think that just about rounds off our current offer of vintage wedding décor items that you can borrow from the prop cupboard.

Have You Decided Which Décor Props You Would Like to Borrow?

We are making these décor props and items available for you to borrow for a number of reasons:

  • One is because we want to be helpful.
  • Another is because we hate the idea of you duplicating effort by buying or making things that are already available (for free)!
  • Re-using what is already here is also going to help you have a more sustainable wedding.

Creating, collecting and storing these items is defo more work for us. But we hope that it contributes in a small way to helping you make your own wedding less work and more sustainable as well.  And that can only ever be a good thing!

We don’t charge anything extra for you to borrow these – but you may, if you like, ask us to make a donation to CLEAR on your behalf.  It’s a hard-working community initiative actively tackling plastic pollution in Indonesia. We know the woman who started this (her Dad lives in Ottery St Mary). We also support it with personal donations from time to time.